LitterLocker® Fashion

What are the differences between the LitterLocker® II and LitterLocker® Fashion bins?

The new LitterLocker® Fashion model has an improved design and includes a handle at the back for additional ease. Additionally, decorative sleeves, sold separately, are available for the Fashion model to complement your decor. The new octogonal refill has a larger opening to make the disposal of soiled litter even more convenient and can not be used with the LitterLocker II.

How often do I need to empty the LitterLocker® bin?

The bin can hold up to 2 weeks of soiled litter for 1 cat: No more daily trip to the outside bin.

LitterLocker® Refill

How long does a refill last?

One refill lasts approximately two months with one cat. Results may vary depending on the cat.

Can I use the LitterLocker® II refills in the new LitterLocker® Fashion bin?

No, the LitterLocker® II round refills do not suit in the new LitterLocker®  Fashion pail

Which type of cat litter can be used with the LitterLocker® disposal system?

The LitterLocker® system has been designed to be used with all kinds of litter.


Why cats do not like covered litter boxes?

Cats are in a vulnerable position when they use their litter box, they must be able to check their environment and see any potential dangers. A covered litter box does not allow them to do so. The LitterBox is what is needed to reassure your cat.

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